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Become a Commercial Airline Pilot

If you have a desire to be a commercial pilot, there are differences between a license and a certificate. If you have a commercial pilot license (CPL), you can pilot an aircraft that carries passengers or content and get paid to do so. A commercial pilot certificate is for someone who applies for an airplane category. They do not hold an instrument rating and are subject to limitations. At Ascent Aviation, we can help you realize your dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

Get Started on Your Commercial Pilot License Today

The requirements for obtaining a commercial pilot license begin with some basics. You must be at least 18 and fluent in English – speaking, reading, and writing. You must hold a current 3rd class FAA medical certificate and possibly a 2nd class later on. Other requirements include:

·Hold an instrument rating

·Receive and log ground training through an authorized instructor

·Passing a knowledge test. Your score must be 70% or higher.

·Accumulate the correct flight experience and instruction

·Successfully complete a final flight test

If you want to know more or find out the airline pilot school cost, contact Ascent Aviation Flight School Van Nuys. We can help your dreams take flight.

Ascent Aviation Academy is a top-rated flight school in Van Nuys known for comprehensive training, licensing and discovery flights.  Located conveniently at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) we have world-renowned flight instructors, top of the line aircraft and different options for financing.

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