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Flight Simulator

Instrument Training

Ascent Aviation Professional Use Flight Simulator

X-Plane for Professional-Use is the world’s foremost general-purpose flight simulator. It Has allowed us to build a simulator that has direct UNIFORMITY to our fleet. Since a lot of the flight sims out there do not yet have the brand new touch screen garmin model avionics such as the 650, the gnx 375, and the gnc 355, we built one that does so that it is exactly as if you are flying one of the planes in our fleet!

  • Licensed for commercial Use
  • Red Bird Alloy Controls
  • Full 6 pack and 2 VORS as well as RPM gauge
  • GMA-345 AUDIO PANEL (Just like the real thing)
  • GTN 650 identical to the ones in the airplanes with the same functionality
  • Transponder
  • Dual NAV/COMMs
  • FOREFLIGHT integration to give you that same feel as in the cockpit
  • Headset integration allowing you to simulate ATC calls along with your instructor
  • Built within a structure to give you a real cockpit feel
  • UNIFORM to our piper warrior so it as if you are flying the SAME plane you train with us in



$50.00/HR With an instructor training beside you on it (Great for IFR and mastering the procedures on your manuevers!)


$0.00 Per hour after a minimum of 3 hours of use. That’s right! FREE. For any student enrolled into our private or commercial program after they learn to work the sim on their own they may use it before or after lessons for FREE to brush up on their skills!

Ascent Aviation Academy is a top-rated flight school in Van Nuys known for comprehensive training, licensing and discovery flights.  Located conveniently at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) we have world-renowned flight instructors, top of the line aircraft and different options for financing.

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