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Discovery Flights LA

discovery flights LA

Learn To Fly in LA with Discovery Flight Options

If you want to learn to fly in Los Angeles, our Discovery Flights are the first step. Ascent Aviation Academy discovery flights out of LA are a great way to experience your first few flights. Our exciting Discovery Flights can help you get over a fear or ignite a passion! You can use the hours towards your license and get a feel for controls as you learn to fly with us.

You have two choices for your flying package. We offer both a 1 hour discovery flight or a 1.5 hour discover flight.

Read more below to learn all about our options!

Learn To Fly In Los Angeles

If you want to learn to fly in Los Angeles, our discovery flights are the first step towards learning in a safe and controlled environment. In addition, our discover flights are great for flying around and experiencing flight.  You can get on the controls and see what flight feels like.  It’s a great first step as you begin your journey and learn to fly with Ascent Aviation Academy. 

1 Hour Discovery Flight

Our 1 hour Discover Flights at Van Nuys Airport are highly rated and well loved and a great way for you to learn to fly. Ascent Aviation Flight School is a top rated program that offers both comprehensive training and Discovery Flights at Van Nuys airport
You will start this experience by pre flighting your airplane ( Piper Warrior) with your instructor, followed by a safety briefing geared toward the discovery flight. From there you will enter the airplane run your checklist and begin your taxi. Your instructor will request a right crosswind departure from the tower. After departure you will head out the Malibu practice area where you will be introduced to some entry level maneuvers in the aircraft. You will fly the coast and if weather permits navigate to the Hollywood sign. Once you are done with that portion of the flight you will then head back to the airport for a landing on the famous ONE SIX RIGHT runway in Van Nuys. You will then taxi back to our hanger, debrief, and have the option of signing up to start training to become a pilot. There a few very important things to keep in mind, one, this flight will be loggable toward your flight training ( Logbooks are available for purchase at our pilot shop). Two, we have a perfect safety record and have had ZERO incidents or accidents so you can be sure that even know you will be in control of the airplane for 80% of this flight, you will be in good hands with an instructor who is very well versed in the airplane that you will be flying.

1.5 Hour Discovery Flight

Our lengthened Discovery Flight (for 2) is a rewarding experience when you choose Ascent Aviation Academy.  This is our longer discovery flight. Plan an extra 30 minutes of actual flight time and we’ll see you on board!


Contact Us Today About Discovery Flights In Los Angeles

For more information on our Discovery Flights at Van Nuys Airport, please visit this page here.  In addition to this, you may review our services or give us a call at your convenience.

We offer free phone consultations and would love to have you join on one of our Discovery Flights in Los Angeles and learn to fly.

Let your dreams take a flight!

Choose Ascent Aviation Academy located at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles and let your dreams and passions take flight.  We can’t wait to hear from you and offer you the training you deserve. Learn to fly with us today!

Ascent Aviation Academy is a top-rated flight school in Van Nuys known for comprehensive training, licensing and discovery flights.  Located conveniently at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) we have world-renowned flight instructors, top of the line aircraft and different options for financing.

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