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Pricing Information

A Message From The Owner

If you’ve stumbled across this page, you are about to find out a very important piece of information about the financial aspect of your flight training.  I Myself (Owner) started and finished my Fixed Wing flight training many years ago at Van Nuys Airport from private all the way through my advanced ratings.

I entered flight training with a package deal that I ended up undershooting by quite a bit and then trying to figure out how to get the money back because i finished my training in under what i paid (School had a no refund policy).  

There are two types of flight schools, 141 and 61. Part 61 is the most common path of flight training in and around Socal.  The thing is, everyone will get their license at their own pace, and each will spend a different amount of time obtaining the ratings. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to flight training, Weather, schedules, LIFE, etc. The standard way to pay at Part 61 schools is to use what is known as a BLOCK rate. Ascent Aviation Academy allows 10 or 20 hr block rates for airplane and instructor, when you purchase a block rate you get a better discount. You Should NEVER pay for your flight training ALL up front. I have met many students over the years that got into very seedy deals with flight schools that made them pay all up front. The thing is a flight school or any business for that matter should always be earning your trust as a customer. If you do one of these package deals where you pay someone a LARGE amount of money up front they benefit if you quit or dont finish! Be very hesitant of “No refunds after 3 flights” and do not sign anything that binds you to ONE flight school. You are the customer and student and YOU should have full control over your training.

Our Guarantee To Our Students

What we can guarantee is an airworthy and well maintained airplane with all of the proper documentation, a perfect safety record (No Accidents or Incidents), and an instructor who is honest that truly wants to get you a license that isn’t going to waste your time.  Currently We have a 100% Pass rate on private pilot check rides and there is a reason for that. 

We like to see you get your rating, Thats what you come to us for. With that being you do not need to lock yourself into a package, you can do it one block of 10 or 20 hours at time. Or if you’d like, even pay each flight individually).


Owner, Ascent Aviation Academy

What our students have to say.

I started with ascent this month and have been extremely happy with my training. Andy my instructor is extremely knowledgeable and a captain at jetsuite. All of the staff at ascent have been very helpful and out of the 3 schools I’ve been too since starting my training this is definitely the most professional.

Nate Carmine

Seth is an EXCELLENT instructor. Having two instructors before him I can confidently say I wish I had him all along from the beginning. This man knows how to fly. He will teach you stick & rudder skills. Today I really required a lot of extra work on my steep turns and he never once got fed up or had a temper. I’m truly grateful to have even found him. I will continue to train with him for the rest of my ratings because he is competent and encouraging. I definitely recommend him.

Krista Shawn

Working with Seth at Van Nuys’s Ascent Aviation Academy I was able to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a licensed pilot. Seth’s honesty, devotion to his students, and passion for flying resulted in a successful check ride on the first attempt.Thanks to this awesome course, I am now a certified pilot and so happy that I went through Ascent Aviation Academy flight school! I appreciate the hard work that your team does for the trainees – the course went smoothly with tons of useful information. You are great!

Robert Joseph

Los Angeles

Let your dreams take a flight!

Choose Ascent Aviation Academy located at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles and let your dreams and passions take flight.  We can’t wait to hear from you and offer you the training you deserve.

Ascent Aviation Academy is a top-rated flight school in Van Nuys known for comprehensive training, licensing and discovery flights.  Located conveniently at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) we have world-renowned flight instructors, top of the line aircraft and different options for financing.

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