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Pilot Training Cost

Pilot Career Package (PPL-CFI)

For pilot training CA and the fastest route to your commercial license, choose Ascent Aviation Academy. Our pilot instruction and training career package is designed for someone who would like to make a career in aviation. The airlines are a great place to be right now. With a global pilot shortage and countless opportunity, there has never been a better time to become a career pilot. Ascent Aviation Academy will never make you purchase a package. Each student is different and takes a different amount of time to obtain all of their licenses. This package is designed based off of years of experience teaching out of Van Nuys airport. It is an average as far as price and hours needed to obtain all of these ratings. Our most popular way to pay is through block rates where the student pays for only 10-20 hours of airplane rental and flight instruction at a time.

Los Angeles’ #1 Path To The Airlines

Ascent Aviation Academy of Los Angeles, California is well known as the West Coast’s top-rated flight school for comprehensive pilot training and career courses. Paying by block rate is the golden standard in most cases and ensures you’re never locked into paying for more instruction than you need. You may purchase our commercial pilot training package as a whole and we can even offer in house financing with 0% interest but we do encourage block rate style payments.
pilot training CA
I’ve officially made it through the program at California's Ascent Aviation for my pilot training. I am now working as a CFI and building time toward the airlines. I’m very happy with my decision to go with Ascent. They never once treated me like a dollar sign and everyone here has created great mentorship along the way. I’ve met others that have gone to the airlines after working here and can’t wait to get to my 1500 hours. The best thing about working here is the atmosphere and the fact that they’re the highest paying for CFI's in SoCal. I know when i get 1500 hours they'll set up my first airline interview. This place feels like a second home
Sergio L.
Los Angeles, CA


Our career packages at Van Nuys Airport in California are highly rated among our many students who have come through Ascent Aviation Academy‘s training program.  We are centrally located at Van Nuys airport.  Here are some of the benefits of beginning a rewarding career getting a commercial pilot license with our world-renowned flight training.

Benefits Of Our Comprehensive Career Program

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument License
  • Commercial License
  • CFI/CFII Licenses
  • Guaranteed Job at completion of training at $35.00/hr starting pay (Our CFI’s Fly on average 80-100 Hours per month)
  • 260 Hrs Logged Flight Time in Piper Warrior with advanced avionics ( Traffic Alerts, Terrain Avoidance, Etc) @ $145.00/HR -$37,700.00
  • 120 Hrs Airplane Instructor Time @ $75.00/HR – $9,000.00
  • 60 Hrs Ground Instruction (Pre Flight, Post Flight Briefings) @ $75.00/HR – $4,500.00
  • Access to our Virtual online ground school Private, Instrument, Commercial, and instructor ground school included.
  • Total $51,200.00 (80% finish between $40,000.00-$60,000.00 ALL IN)
  • This Package is designed to get pilots through their initial and advanced single engine ratings.

(Results do vary depending on how quickly the student adapts to flying, how many times a week they are training, and how hard they study and work toward their goals. Our Average price to get through the career program ranges from $40,000.00-60,000.00)

Career Program Progression

(Based on real data from thousands of students that have completed the program, both US citizens and International Students.)

Age progression Example

(Ex. Age 27- Begins Flight Training)


80% of our students IF full time (3 Days a week or more) will finish their PPL (Private) Between $14,000-$20,000 and complete within 3-6 months. The other 20 % have finished both below and above these numbers. We have the most data on the license as 75% of our students are career oriented but 100% of them even the recreational students must finish private. These numbers are based on over 2500+ students completing private. This will be one of the most difficult licenses learning to land and completing your first solo is one of the most challenging parts of the entire program.


This is the MOST IMPORTANT LICENSE YOU WILL EVER RECEIVE. The majority of airliners fly IFR flight rules 95% percent of the time. 70% of the time you spend in the career program will be during PPL AND IFR, as PPL is the most difficult because everything is brand new, and IFR you are also time building WHILE training for your IFR. If you complete IFR around 200 hours we can easily conquer the commercial license within a month or so. However you are free to time build post IFR as well, you will know when the time comes which you prefer.

CPL- The Student must have 250 Flight Hours to take the commercial check-ride. It is known as one of the easier check-rides and is basically your private check-ride with more maneuvers during the flight portion and a deeper understanding of your aviation knowledge during the oral portion.

CFI– You will have around 260-270 flight hours when taking this check-ride. This is the FINAL check-ride before we give you your very first job in aviation and hire you as a part of the Ascent Team. This is a ground heavy license with a in depth difficult oral portion. We have hired up to this point 100% of our in house Career students and will continue to hire within. It’s not only a great benefit to our students but also to us, our career students take on their first students already knowing our operating system, Our airplanes, How we teach, The Routes we take, And have built a solid foundation here. It’s a win win for both parties. We grow every quarter and will have a job for you when you reach CFI. Our CFI’s enjoy some of the highest pay in the industry as well as build as much as 100-150 flight hours a month due to our student load and so-cal’s great flying weather therefore getting to the airlines faster than anywhere else in our area.

CFII- This license allows you to teach instrument students it is a very smart license to get, your teammates once you become an Ascent instructor will help you with this license. This license is usually done a few months after the CFI and after you are already making a salary and building hours.

Multi- This license is typically done down the road when the now student turned full time flight instructor gets closer to 1500 hours or what we call “Airline Minimums” We offer a 3-6 day course where the multi can be done very quickly and affordably.

Time and cost breakdown for CAREER PROGRAM.

80% of our students finish PPL, IFR, CPL, CFI, CFII, Multi (If full time 3+ days a week) Between $45-$65K and 9-15 months from PPL-CFI.

(Ex. Age 28) Becomes CFI and is now a paid commercial pilot instructing full time.)

75-150 flight hours flown a month built as an Ascent Instructor roughly 1-2 years of instructing) Starting at 260-270 hours and becoming a regional airline pilot at 1500 hours.

(Ex. Age 29 ½ ) Becomes a regional airline First Officer. Majority of our students choose our partner Skywest to stay based on the west coast. There is a massive pilot shortage and starting pay was raised 52% this year with a starting salary in the low $100,000 range and expected to raise again within a year or 2.

(Ex. Age 30 ½ -31) Becomes a Major airline First Officer (500 jet time required takes a year roughly) current Starting pay between $170,000-$270,000.

(Ex. Age 33-34) Becomes captain at a Major Airline. (Using UPS Airlines as an example $400,000-$500,000 Annually.)



Contact Us About Beginning A Career In Aviation

For more information on our commercial pilot training career pilot package and options please visit this page here.  Additionally, you may look at some of our services and read up on our company and all of our success on our about page here.

Please feel free to call or text us at (323) 893-6655 as well with any questions regarding beginning a rewarding career at Los Angeles-based flight academy.  We look forward to telling you all about our commercial pilot career package at Van Nuys Airport and what you can expect if you work with us.

For comprehensive pilot training CA in Los Angeles, you know who to contact!

Let your dreams take flight!

Choose Ascent Aviation Academy located at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles and let your dreams and passions take flight.  We can’t wait to hear from you about your pilot training CA.

Ascent Aviation Academy is a top-rated flight school in Van Nuys known for comprehensive training, licensing and discovery flights.  Located conveniently at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) we have world-renowned flight instructors, top of the line aircraft and different options for financing.

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